Bathroom & kitchen renovations in Atherton


Bathroom and kitchen renovations are a major investment. You don’t want to leave your plumbing to chance. Casey’s Plumbing & Roofing will provide quality plumbing installations and repairs throughout the renovation process, so you can focus on achieving the home of your dreams.

You may wonder if you really need to hire a plumber for your renovations, especially if you are not changing the location of your primary fixtures. Even if you are keeping things simple, it’s still a good idea to hire a professional to handle the installation. Not only are bathroom and kitchen fixtures more difficult to install than most people assume, but you may run into licensing and permit issues if you try and handle these installations yourself. It’s always best to play it safe!

We not only cover simple renovations, such as replacing tubs and sinks, but we can also remove old pipes, install new ones, and move the location of your fixtures if needed. You have no limitations when it comes to your remodel when you have our skilled professionals on the job.
Plumber Tools — Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations  in Atherton, QLD

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are two of the best areas of your home to renovate. They consistently prove to be a good investment in terms of resale value and having new fixtures and flooring will increase your enjoyment of the space. Additionally, having some plumbing fixtures will often save you money on your water bill, since they tend to use much less water than older fixtures.

Casey’s Plumbing & Roofing provides full plumbing remodel services for both minor and extensive projects. Call today for your free quote!